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Why Your Small Business Needs a Copywriter

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

You've done the work: built a website, set up shop, made an #Instagram business account, hired an employee or two and you are proud of the business you built...but now the hard part begins...acquiring clients & customers.

All the previous work was setting the foundation for the most vital task yet. Selling your product or service is much easier said than done and requires specific tactics to make sure you are making the most out of your time. Copywriting is arguably one of the most important (and most lacking) skills for the success of your business.

Copywriting is any form of writing used to showcase a product or service. This can be a newsletter, product descriptions, ebook, web pages, blogs, and more. This may seem like an easy task, but as you sit in front of your laptop, fingers ready, you draw a blank. "What do I write? How will I convince my customers to buy?"

Writing isn't easy, nor is it a skill that many enjoy, so we need a little help. Behind every great speech, is a speechwriter, behind every professional athlete, there is a coach, and behind every successful business, there is a copywriter (or at least there should be).

"Copywriting increases your revenue, gives you a ROI, and allows you to achieve your business goals. A copywriter writes for your target audience, intriguing them and proving that your business offers real value to them."

Let's break it down into the three most important ways a copywriter offers value to you and your business.

1. Saving You Time

Rather than sitting in front of your laptop for hours, reworking and reworking your copy, you could be making much better use of your time, contacting clients, writing invoices, or maybe have more time to spend with your family! Hiring a copywriter takes the stress away of figuring out what to write, and gives you the confidence knowing that an expert has taken over the daunting task.

2. Saving You Money

While you do have to pay your freelance copywriter, the initial investment is minuscule compared to the return you will get. They will clearly communicate your message and can save you hundreds of dollars on ads and marketing tactics.

3. Making You Money

A copywriter is an expert at being concise, clear, and persuasive in their writing. Having webpages, a blog, etc. that compels readers to sign up, purchase, or visit your business adds value by bringing your business traffic, thus increasing your revenue. Product descriptions are a big deal because they describe what value the customer/client will gain.

If you struggle with writing words that add value to your business, or if you feel that you need more time on your hands...hire a copywriter. Make sure you check out their website and their previous work to ensure that they are credible.

As always, is your one-stop-shop for all your copy needs. Click here for a free consultation.

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