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24 in 24

Last week was fantastic. I celebrated my 24th birthday relaxing, laughing, and eating really good food.

As I enter this new age, I thought it would be fun to reflect on what I have learned in the past 24 years of life. Also, I love to write and am naturally an overthinker, so this self-assigned blog was perfect!

I hope you find it helpful, thoughtful, and maybe a little humorous. Also, if you have any advice for a 24-year-old...please comment below!

Disclaimer: Most of the lessons here I have not mastered, but I have learned them and continue to work on them.

1. Life is Short

Our days are not guaranteed to us, no matter our age.

2. Life is Long

Strive to live a long, healthy life and plan accordingly.

3. Say No

No is a powerful word. Use it more.

4. Set Boundaries

If you don't, you will lose yourself and create unhealthy relationships with people.

5. Work Hard

If you work hard at something, you absolutely can achieve it. I have shown myself this time and time again.

6. Never Stop Learning

Read, listen, ask, research, and absorb.

7. Worrying Adds Nothing to Your Life

Matthew 6:27 taught me this.

8. Family and Relatives

Relatives and family are different words.

9. Just Eat It

Everything is fine in moderation.

10. Check In

Remember to check in with yourself often, dig deep.

11. Give Big Hugs

Hold on tight to those you love.

12. Grandmas Rule

Their food, their advice, their hearts. Cherish that.

13. Grey is Good

Media aside, most everything isn't black and white. Being a little bit of both is normal and acceptable.

14. Give Back

Support organizations that you are passionate about. Give to those in need, and give freely. It will come back to you tenfold.

15. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

When we leave what we are comfortable with, we learn more than we could ever imagine.

16. Scars are Okay

There is no such thing as flawless skin.

17. Try It

Don't be afraid to try something new. Except for sashimi...I will probably never try it!

18. More than Politics

There is much more to a person than who they voted for, do not use that as a means of judgment.

19. Character Counts.

As M.L.K. put it, do not judge someone by the color of their skin (religion, heritage, age, status, etc.) but by the content of their character.

20. Everybody Judges

There is a big difference between judgment and pre-judgment. The ability to judge wrong from right is a very good thing.

21. Love is an Action

I'm no expert in this field, but love, I do know that love is something we show every day through our actions.

22. Do Things Just Because

Buy the flowers, dance, sing, and dress up.

23. Humble Yourself

Visit a 3rd world country, volunteer for the less fortunate, and allow yourself to be humbled. It is a realization we all need.

24. Don't Take Yourself too Seriously

Okay, this one is a hard one for me, but I'm working on it.

Thank you for reading! Please share any advice in the comments below! Cheers to 24!

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