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Yoga In Quarantine: Why You Should Be Doing It

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The uncertantity of the times has brought about anger, sorrow, stress, and a plethera of negativity. Our world is left in wonder of when the notorious Coronavirus will stop controlling our lives.

One thing that you can control however, is yourself. You have the power to control your actions and to make the whole "quarantine experience" more positive then negative.

Yoga is one way that you can do this. Yoga offers many benefits to your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Read on to discover 9 awesome benefits of doing yoga.

If you don't have a mat, no problem! Grab a towel or even do it on your bed! Yoga can be done anywhere! Maybe even Skype a friend to have them join!

1. Increased Mindfulness- Mindfulness is a compliment of yoga. Being more mindful helps you to be better aware of your surroundings, emotionally stronger, and better at coping with stress.

2. Immunity Boost- There are tons of remedies that claim to fight the common cold that many of us are willing to try to rid our sneezing, coughing, and body aches. Yoga is one remedy that can help our respiratory system. Posture poses and controlled breathing strengthen our lungs which in turn helps prevent infection.

3. Yoga Cheers You Up- Doing yoga helps lower your stress levels. Brain scans show that yoga can lower your cortisol levels and increase your serotonin levels. This combination results in an overall more positive outlook on life and better mental health.

4. Higher Self-Esteem- Our self-esteem can decline when negative thoughts and events take their toll on our lives. The spiral of negativity can lead to anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem. Luckily, yoga can help this. Yoga is about becoming aware of your body and mind, while also giving grace and love to yourself. An article from Yoga Journal states that Half Moon, Warrior III, and Child Pose can help lift your self-esteem. Learn more about these poses and others, here.

5. Coping Mechanism- We all deal with stressors in our lives, we all get down, and we all experience negative emotions. Many people turn to addiction and unhealthy habits as a way to cope with these feelings. On the other hand, yoga offers an outlet to channel breathing and meditation where we can release our stress and leave each session with more clarity.

6. Boosts Productivity- According to Oshner Health, “Yoga helps to keep you focused and improves your memory. It gives you that boost of extra energy you need to tackle everything life throws at you with a little more clarity”.

7. More Toned- Yoga tones your muscles by holding poses that challenge you to hold your bodyweight. A study was done by the American Council on Exercise revealed that beginners at the gym who practiced Hatha Yoga for 8 weeks could do more sit-ups and push-ups because of increased muscle mass, compared to those who did no prior workouts.

8. Deeper Breathing- Breath is very important in yoga. This type of breathing is called Pranayama. It is a practice in yoga that focuses on controlling the breath through breathing exercises. Better breathing helps your immune system, endurance, and lung function.

9. Weight Loss- Through yoga is slower-paced compared to other workouts, you still burn calories. A study from Harvard Health shows that a person weighing 155 pounds can burn around149 calories during 30 minutes of Hatha yoga, the most commonly practiced style of yoga in classes.

Get started today with yoga and experience the benefits. May you also find peace and comfort in this time knowing that our world will get through this. By practicing social distancing and staying mostly indoors, we can combat the Coronavirus together.

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